Soaked in Bleach - The Kurt Cobain Case - Tom Grant, former LA County Sheriff's Detective

Social Media and Background Investigations - Eli Rosenblatt, CFE, CFI, MiCFE, SMIA, SMFI, CCDI, ACSP

Digital Forensic Concepts - Mark Eskridge - Digital Forensics Examiner and S. Robert Radus - Digital Forensics Examiner

Social Media: The New Face of Evidence in Legal Investigations - Brian Kramer, PC Family Law and Ian Tausig - PI, SMIE

How to Work Effectively and Ethically with Investigators - Maricopa County Bar Association

Open Source Intelligence Techniques - Michael Bazzell, FBI's Cyber Crimes Task Force

Social Media Outlets - How to Access Information, Prepare Subpoenas and What to Ask For - Joseph Caruso, President,Global Digital Forensics

Search Engine Update - Chris Sherman, Founding Editor , Search Engine Land

Pivoting for Better Search Results - Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services, Inc.

Mobile Platforms and Resources for Information Delivery - Gary Price, CoFounder, INFODocket and FullText Reports

Social Networking, Media, and Research - Marydee Ojala, Editor-in-Chief, Online Searcher magazine

Alternative Search Engines - Ran Hock, Principal, Online Strategies

When Searching Isn't Enough: Adding Value to Results - Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services, Inc.

Maps - Information Visualilzation Power Tools - Chris Sherman, Founding Editor, Search Engine Land

Public Records Research - Diane L. Stubbs, Owner, DLS Information Services

Websites You Can Use to Add Value - Gary Price, Co-Founder INFODocket & FullTextReports

Civil Justice for Victims of Crime - Jeffrey Dion, Esq, Stanley Marks, Esq, Robert Pastor, Esq, Sara Powell, Esq.
Online Internet Profiling – Michele Stuart, JAG Investigations
Cellular Forensics – Kevin Ripa, EnCE, CDRP, CEH 
Computer Forensics - Kevin Ripa, EnCE, CDRP, CEH 
Using an Investigator Once the Trial Has Begun – Dan Russo, Esq., CCLS
Corporate Due Diligence – Jim Gibbs, FBI, retired
Surveillance Techniques – Marc Allan, Discovery Detective Academy
Surveillance Equipment, GPS – Jeff Evert, Arizona Technical Security
The Paperless Office – Van DiCarlo, DiCarlo Associates LLC
Settling Personal Injury Claims – Christopher J. Berry, Esq.
Internet Intelligence Gathering – Michele Stuart, JAG Investigations
Current techniques using open sources, social networking sites and online auctions, diligence research, distinguish between reliable and unreliable information. Tracing online activity, tracking and locating missing persons, true identity discovery from username, location of alter egos, identifying cyber stalkers, tracing hackers, employee screening, identify and locate owners of websites/domains.
Investigative Elements of Litigation:  Using Proprietary Databases and Public Records-Jennifer Mannino, RISC Research Information Specialists and Consultants
The Deadly Sins of E-Discovery and How to Avoid Them – Michael R. Arkfeld, Esq.
Witness Preparation:  Dealing with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Deborah Johnson, High Stakes Communication
Riding the Real Estate Roller Coaster – Brian Zavislak, Esq.
The Daubert Effect and Arizona Experts – Larry J. Cohen, Esq.
The Art of the Interview – Eric Nalder, Senior Investigative Reporter, Hearst Newspapers 
How to Maximize Social Networking Sites and Make the Data Admissible in Court – Jim Burke, Esq. and Elizabeth D. HoSing, Esq. Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
Strategic Multi-platformed Analyst Research Training – Cynthia Hetherington, PI, MLS, MLM
Advanced Internet Investigations, Online Intelligence, Opposition Research, Asset Recovery, Due Diligence, Loss Prevention Competitive Intelligence, Investigations with Auction Websites, Public Records and Public Information, Web 2.0 Social Network Searches
Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations: Civil and Criminal Case Applications – Dr. Steven E. Pitt
Researching Expert Witnesses – David Dilenschneider, Esq. 
Legal Ethics Update – Linda Shely, Esq.
Legal Writing Tips for Paralegals – The Honorable Randall H. Warner
Mortgage and Home Equity Fraud – Mark M. Deatherage, Esq.
Digital Evidence – James M. Aquilina, Esq.
Criminal Defense Investigations – Larry M. Bakman, Esq.
Mediating from a Weak Position, Victoria Pynchon, Esq. 
Discussion Regarding the Anthony Pellicano Case – Daniel Saunders, Esq & Kevin Lally Esq. 
Written Discovery with a Purpose – William J. Schrank, Esq.
Illegal Investment Scams and Schemes Targeting Arizonans – Bill Black, Esq. 
Processing and Preservation of Crime Scenes – Charles Sears, PI 
Understanding Threatening Communications – Chuck Tobin, President At-Risk Protection and Investigations 
Understanding Terrorist Financing – Dennis M. Lormel, Corporate Risk International                         
Digital Forensics – Amber Schroader, CEO, Paraben Corporation.