The Research Queen, LLC was formed in 1999.  I’m a private investigator, paralegal and independent information professional specializing in internet research and investigations.

The internet can be a large catalyst for rumor, innuendo and misinformation. That's why using knowledge professionals to find quality information sources and filtering the information correctly is critical.

A case in point - The City of Aliso Viejo, California almost outlawed water due to a mistake by a legal research paralegal. The paralegal, who was skilled in legal research but not a skilled information professional, utilized information from an unreliable website.

Spend your valuable time USING crucial information rather than LOOKING for it.

I will find, analyze, and summarize information better, faster and more cost-effective than others.  I have credible intelligence sources and an international network of information professionals as part of my team. 

I provide insights, clarify, and communicate information in a way that’s customized to your unique needs. I keep your costs down while providing you with accurate, reliable and actionable information.

Skilled information professionals are making the difference every day in the speed, relevance and accuracy of research projects that meet your needs. 

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